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We are a team of programmers, graphics designers, ad copy and content writers specialising in creating websites that get your idea across...simply.


Our founder started programming in the late 1970s.  His first computer program was written using punch cards:

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His first personal computer, which was designed around the famed Zylog Z-80 chip, was built entirely by hand (there were no computer stores then!) and had a whopping 2k (2 kilobytes) of RAM , and no such thing as a hard disk (note: your average computer today has 32GB -gigabytes - of RAM).

zylog website development australia nationbuilderZylog Z-80 Chip

When our lead programmer, Michael, was 17, he was a Rockwell International - Space Systems Division programmer. He helped write the computer code for the Heads-Up Display (HUD) system used on all Space Shuttle missions.

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During the early 1990's Michael was a Record Producer for Walt Disney Records. This time he used computers to do soundtrack restoration on classic Disney archives. His ground-breaking work garnered him Gold and Platinum records and a 1992 GRAMMY® Award Nomination for BEST HISTORICAL RECORDING,  The Music of Disney: A Legacy in Song.

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He then started his own Ad Agency doing graphic design, package design, and advertising. His designs are found on millions of packages from Disney, Saban Entertainment, Warner Bros., and others. Michael has also produced numerous television commercials seen worldwide.

His logo design-savvy spread throughout the entertainment industry, having designed logos for such entities as John Travolta Productions (JTP), Hula Kids Productions, MegaCorp, and Ameon FilmWorks.

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The early part of the new millennium had Michael designing, programming, and maintaining a huge computer network for a private investment bank. His custom software managed over $1.45 Billion (USD) in investments.

Our content and copywriter worked for Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Writing everything from brochures and ad copy to web pages and newsletters.

We bring a wealth of experience to people and companies wishing to do business on the World Wide Web, operate a company's internal network, or happily experience what computers have to offer.

It has been a long and amazing road...but worth it!

We are at your service!







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